Matt White | Episode 11 | Stand-Up

Matt White went from distracting his classmates to engaging audiences nationally. Winner of “NC Funniest” 2020, “Carolina’s Funniest Comic” 2013, and “Port City’s Top Comic” 2012 are just a few achievements Matt has earned so far. 2022 Matt was awarded “Best Of Fest” at the Rubber City Comedy Festival and in 2019 at the Cleveland Comedy Festival. He is one of the producers of the Oak City Comedy Festival (Raleigh NC).

Andy Forrester | Episode 11 | Stand-Up

Andy Forrester's unique, animated, and off-the-wall humor has made him a favorite across the country for over 23 years. He’s worked with such legends as Louie Anderson, Jimmie “JJ” Walker, Gilbert Gottfried, Marc Maron and many more. In 2008 Andy won the title of Ultimate Comic at the Idiot Box in Greensboro, NC. In 2013 he won the Louisville, KY satellite of the World Series of Comedy. Over the years he’s been seen at the Laugh Your Asheville Off Comedy Festival, the Laughing Skull Comedy Festival, Port City Comedy Festival, and the NC Comedy Festival just to name a few. In 2017 Andy made his first TV appearance on the show “Pure-Flix Comedy All-Stars” hosted by Louie Anderson. In August of 2019 his Dry Bar Comedy Special “Most Of This Is Baby Fat” was released and has since been seen millions of times. Andy was also recently featured on the new show, “Stand Up Nashville! - Live from Zanies” in 2020. While he has survived the pandemic, Andy is ready to get away from his family and make you laugh.

Helen Wildy | Episodes 3, 11 | Stand-Up

(Bio coming soon)

Lea Zdanski | Episode 9 | Stand-Up

Lea Zdanski is a cultural commentator, socialite, and aesthete based in Raleigh, North Carolina. She is a recent regular stand up at Goodnight’s Comedy Club. She is directing her first feature in the fall of 2022.

Alex Vashchenko | Episode 9 | Stand-Up

Alex Vashchenko has been doing standup for four years. Granted, two of those years were 2020 and 2021, when there weren't many live performances, but still... Alex was born in Kyiv, Ukraine, but now lives in Apex, NC. He is often described as The Triangle's king of one-liners.

Brandi Roberts | Episode 9 | Stand-Up

Brandi has been doing comedy for 5 years. A regular at Goodnights comedy club. Has opened for The Plastic Cup Boyz, Yamaneika Saunders, Nore Davis, and Katie Hughes among others.

Britny Sanchez | Episode 8 | Stand-Up

Britny Sanchez is a new aspiring comic in Greenville, NC. She practices all her sets home alone with a flashlight for a mic. Everybody laughs! Thankful to be doing comedy in someone else’s living room for once! Can also be seen at Pitt St Brewery and Molly’s Community Cafe open mics.

Matt Case | Episode 8 | Stand-Up

Matt Case is a lifelong fan of Nascar and he loves his 97 Chevy Malibu. The windows get stuck if you roll them down so dont touch them. He is extremely modest despite being born with such a great ass. He is somewhat experienced with quickbooks, but if anyone asks (especially potential employers) tell them he is a licensed CPA. Nobody does background checks so it will probably be ok.

Kellen Blair | Episode 8 | Stand-Up

Kellen is a Raleigh, North Carolina based comedian. He was a finalist in NC’s Funniest Competition 2020, and winner of the first PITCH comedy competition. Kellen’s punch line heavy introspections into his dating life, blue collar career, and family, leaves crowds bewildered with laughter.

Brian H. | Episode 19 | Stand-Up

Mostly content crocheting quietly at home by himself, but what choice does he really have? His cat died eleven years ago. He often makes lofty accusations, but he backs them up with hard hugs. He is a devout Aquarius and humbled ageist. He has been caught rolling his eyes at his younger fans who actually exist and whom adore him. His irrational ire for the elderly is entirely justified, IMO. He is petrified of any adult male under the height of 5'2" for unknown reasons.

Sixfiveone Tretre | Episode 2

Six51Tretre is a 26 year old comedian from Saint Paul, Minnesota. You can see him at Mavericks, Durty Bull, Goodnights Comedy Club, and all over Fayetteville and Durham. He's been doing comedy for almost a year.

Jacob Rice | Episode 2 | Stand Up

Jacob Rice is a former bullrider and amateur fighter that is using the head trauma he’s suffered to find humor in even the most inappropriate places. Through a combination of storytelling and oversharing he continues to offer audiences a glimpse of the unexpected consequences associated with an impulsive lifestyle.

Alex Ximil Montes | Episode 2

23 years old, Born in Queens, NY but grew up in the small town of Fuquay Varina, North Carolina. Currently doing open mics at The Halcyon and The Haymaker every Wednesday night (or so he says) and sometimes at The Durty Bull on Friday's (Emphasis on sometimes). Alex is one of many of NC's younger and newer upcoming acts to hit the scene.

Bill Lawton | Episode 1 | Stand-Up

Originally from Vermont, Bill started practicing stand-up in 2020. Known as a friend to his daughter and not a fan of Boston sports. You can see Bill performing on the regular at venues in and around the Durham, NC area.

Ghettorauchi | Episode 1 | Stand Up

Dink Kearney is a veteran comedian and actor from Raleigh NC a with a highly rated comedy special on Amazon Prime titled Ghettorauchi. Dink is the host of the hilariously funny Liquor House Comedy Show on Amazon Prime and Tubi TV Fox. Dink is a nationally touring comedian. You can watch Dink in the upcoming urban crime drama movies Messy and Hit-A-Lick 2 on Amazon Prime and Tubi TV Fox.

RJ Jurgensen | Episode 10 | Stand-Up

RJ Jurgensen has been doing comedy since 2012. RJ got his start in comedy in his hometown of Huntington Beach, CA and quickly started performing all over Southern California. He's opened and featured for Pauly Shore, Tommy Davidson, Iliza Schlesinger, Jeff Garcia, Jamie Kennedy, Andrew Dice Clay and many more. He moved to Raleigh in 2016 to start a nutrition company, and is now back in the comedy scene here on the East Coast.

Tony Castleberry | Episode 12 | Stand-Up

Tony Castleberry interviewed headline comedians like Dave Attell, Nikki Glaser and Gary Gulman for 8 years before starting stand-up in 2018. He performed in the 2021 North Carolina Comedy Festival and has opened for greats like Big Jay Oakerson Blair Socci and Ted Alexandro.

Jon Champion | Episode 13 | Stand-Up

Jon Champion is a professional stand up comedian who has performed at the legendary Comic Strip Live in New York City, as well as at the Comedy Cellar, Village Lantern,Comedy Village, The World Series of Comedy in Las Vegas and  internationally with shows in Belize. He's opened for 'Lil Duval and many national touring comedians. For nearly twenty years, Jon booked, wrote and produced tv interviews for  touring comedians visiting Raleigh. Some of the notable interviews include Sinbad, Adele Givens, Charlie Murphy and Jon Lovitz.

Maggot Brain | Episode 4 |

Trap AKA MaggotBrainTrap. Retired Army Vet turned comedian. Resides in Fayetteville, NC. Hometown: Rock Hill, SC. Husband, father, son.

Hunter Edwards | Episode 4 | Stand-Up

26 year old NC comedian, host of the don’t tell my mom podcast, semi professional wrestler. One time took the jenga block from the bottom without knocking down the entire building. Been doing comedy in NC for about 5 years. Lasts longer on stage than in bed.

Jenna Hall | Episode 5 | Stand-Up

Jenna Hall is writer and "relationship" "expert" who travels throughout NC swapping jokes for boneless wings. Check out her podcast, Dead Girls Talking on spotify and apple podcasts.

Robert Brian Schneider | Episode 5 | Stand-Up

Audit Director at a CPA firm who has been doing comedy on the side for about 6 years. Rob has performed all over North Carolina and has hosted for John Henton, Mark Curry, and Andy Forrester at Raleigh Improv.

Patty Pruitt | Episode 5 | Stand-Up

Born and bred, Durham NC. Professional drug supplier for nearly 17 years. Patty's been performing stand-up for 6 months.

Jack Crissey | Episode 6 | Stand-Up

Jack Crissey is a stand up comedian from Holly Springs NC. He can be seen on shows all over the Carolinas or behind the soundbooth at Goodnights Comedy Club.

Ashley Preston | Episode 6 | Stand-Up

Ashley Preston is a comic out of Raleigh, NC. Upon the encouragement of her friends, Ashley starting doing standup in 2017. The words “you’re funny” have kept her going. “Either it’s true, or I need new friends.” Everyone’s auntie (self-proclaimed), Ashley performs all over the Triangle. She is a co-host of the Friday night open mic at the Durty Bull. You can also catch her on Monday mornings on the HL in the AM show on Oak 93.5.

Amir SH | Episode 6 | Stand-Up

Funniest Iranian-Canadian you'll ever meet. Kinda thats only really funny when he does voices though.

Elijah Groves | Episode 4 |

Elijah is a newer stand up comic from Pittsburgh PA! He frequently produced and hosted shows there and is continuing to do so in the triangle! He’s super excited to be on the show and is thankful for the opportunity!

Weston Suggs | Episode 15 | Stand-Up

Weston Suggs, a.k.a. the Shrimp King, is a comedy content creator and stand-up performer. In 2016, he received a Trespassing misdemeanor for sneaking into the abandoned Land Of Oz theme park and in 2010, made the A/B honor roll at Leesville Road High School. His sketch comedy has received hundreds of thousands of views on social media, and even some likes. You can follow Weston’s content @_shrimpking or see him live in the Triangle area, begging for change.

Tahj Jones | Episode 15 | Stand-Up

(Bio coming soon)

H.L. Boney | Episode 15 | Stand-Up

(Bio coming soon)

Tim King | Episode 10 | Stand-Up

(Bio coming soon)

Chris Rivoli | Episode 12 | Stand-Up

(Bio coming soon)

Al-Nisa Lawson | Episode 12 | Stand-Up

(Bio coming soon)

JR Cusher | Episode 3 |

(Bio coming soon)

Adam Riasté | Episode 7 | Stand-Up

(Bio coming soon)

Jalen Montanez | Episode 7 | Stand-Up

(Bio coming soon)

Lamonta TheGuy | Episode 7 | Stand-Up

(Bio coming soon)

Leslie Kirk | Episode 1

(Bio coming soon)

Wafeeq Zarif | Episode 3 | Stand-Up

(Bio coming soon)